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Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing & Vendas
São Paulo - SP

Mandaê (www.mandae.com.br) uses a combination of technology, operational excellence, and outstanding customer service to change how small and medium businesses in Brazil ship their products. We’re transforming the small-parcel delivery market’s monopolistic characteristics by being the only platform that allows SMBs to ship with private transporters.

At our core, we do the following:

  • We provide SMBs access to the universe of private transporters, which helps them save significant amounts of time and money
  • We abstract away complexity by providing carefully designed dashboards and integrations to make managing logistics as easy as possible
  • We give private transporters access to a new growth channel that they didn’t and couldn’t access before

Mandaê is a winner of the 1776 Challenge Cup in the “Smart Cities” category, and was selected to participate in Endeavor’s Startup Network. Our investors include Monashees Capital, Qualcomm Ventures, Valor Capital, Kima Ventures and Hans Hickler, the former CEO of DHL Express-USA.

We’re looking for an exceptional professional to be our Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). The role requires a strong background in a digital B2B environment, and ideally in SAAS. Prior experience with traditional go-to-market models that engender awareness and fill the top of funnel is important, but not sufficient: the CMO also needs to understand how to guide customers much deeper into the funnel and through our product evaluation stage. This requires a broad understanding of other disciplines ranging from content marketing, to evangelist recruitment, to customer lifecycle marketing, to cohort conversion analysis.

The CMO will need to effectively manage our marketing team, and recruit to build out the team as necessary, in order to execute at a high level and achieve our goals.

The ultimate responsibility for Mandaê’s demand funnel will rest with you.


The CMO should have a clear understanding of customer acquisition cost, how to calculate customer lifetime value, and how sales cycles can be shortened using content marketing or other funnel optimization strategies. More specifically, you’ll be responsible for the following disciplines:

Ops & analytics

You’ll need to understand how best to configure, implement and refine our ops & analytics infrastructure to help determine which marketing tacts are viable. You’ll oversee attribution models to manage performance marketing experiments, and also design, implement, monitor and optimize our lead nurturing, lead scoring and drip e-mail campaigns, and automating what’s possible. This will involve employing a combination of products, such as Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Optimizely, DemandBase or other tools.

Customer evangelism

Mandaê’s customers are passionate about our service, and our CMO should use this to build our brand. In addition to identifying evangelists, you’ll need to nurture relationships with them and leverage their enthusiasm to drive awareness and ultimately, conversions.


You’ll work with our content team to devise a content marketing strategy to mimick the buying process of our target customers (whether text, audio and/or video) for the top, middle and bottom of our funnel.


You’ll oversee Mandaê’s paid acquisition strategy, building upon the ops & analytics infrastructure to determine which channels work best to drive leads and build brand equity.

Conversion optimization

Working with our growth team, which includes back-end and front-end engineers, you’ll optimie the various funnels potential users may go through, which may involve testing new designs on our website (A/B testing), experimenting with incentives or creating referral programs.

Product marketing

Alongside our product team, you’ll focus on understanding customer needs, segmenting the market and understanding how best to position and market our product lines and their features.

Lifecycle nurturing

Our typical B2B customer requires multiple interactions with Mandaê before testing our service or signing a contract. Along with up-sell opportunities, it’s important to manage the relationship throughout a potential customer’s lifecycle to maximize customer lifetime value.


Developing, maintaining and strengthening relationships with the press is an important part of the overall strategy to manage our brand, brand narrative and public relations of Mandaê.

Career champion

As CMO, you’ll invest in your team’s development, taking the time to know what inspires and motivate each person and committing to making work meaningful.


  • 5-7 years of experience with proven results in demand generation, along with 1-2 years as a CMO (or a similar role) in a digital B2B / SAAS environment
  • Strong analytical skills, and prior experience configuring a Ops & Analytics infrastructure, including marketing automation
  • A strong understanding of content marketing, including content strategy creation across the buyer journey / funnel
  • Mission-driven: have a strong desire to make an impact in a staid industry and to change the status quo
  • Hands-on personality and a get-it-done atitude
  • Strong personal commitment to delivering world-class quality work, and a rigorous habit of expecting and demanding the same from others
  • Have a good sense of self and a strong personal presence to be able to effectively manage and execute tasks through influence of other senior personalities
  • Strong proficiency in both English and Portuguese
  • A strong leader with excellent verbal communication skills and a demonstrated ability to articulate a vision and strategy, and to work across multiple teams to get things done quickly
  • Motivated by startups and love working in a fast-paced, iterative, innovative environment.


  • Work with an incredible team that never settles, and also have the opportunity to shape the organization
  • Competitive salary and a generous stock option package
  • Health insurance
  • Usual benefits (VR, VA and VT or parking)
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